Can CBD counteract the paranoia effects of THC?

CBD is not psychoactive like THC so the euphoria one would experience from THC is not found in CBD.

CBD has been known to enhance the pain-relieving effects of THC, which is why you would want a FULL SPECTRUM CBD, which is legally sold with a small amount of THC in it.

THC can also be removed from the CBD in the extraction process. There are many ways to do this but once you do this, you will lose a considerable amount of potency. Removing the THC, the CBD would no longer be considered a Full Spectrum CBD. This would be categorized as a Broad Spectrum CBD. Having no THC changes the relationship of the CBD which would make it significantly less potent.

The benefit of taking a Broad Spectrum versus a Full Spectrum is; if you worked at a job that you were drug tested you would have zero chance of showing up for THC. Most Full Spectrum CBD’s will not show up on a drug test unless you are taking excessive amounts. The amount of THC in a Full Spectrum CBD is .3 percent which is such a minute amount that it would take a sophisticated test to show that small amount.

The two also have a sort of symbiotic relationship when they interact. For instance, CBD has been known to lessen the paranoia caused by the THC when someone is “too high”. It will also ease things like the munchies and sleepiness. With a small amount of THC it gives the overall effectiveness a boost.

CBD has no such side effects. In fact, CBD will help you sleep as it will quiet what they call “Monkey Mind” which is one of the biggest reasons people can’t sleep as they are unable to shut their mind off.

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