Not All CBD is Created Equal

Lab Tested – With no lab testing it is virtually impossible to know cannabinoids, potency and contaminants and toxins that reside in your CBD.

Potency/Strength – Potency tells story of how powerful the CBD is. There are potencies that can range from very low say 10% up to the 90’s. This is a very dramatic difference in how the CBD will work.  The price is also far different in a 10% and a 90%. The higher the potency that a CBD has in it the higher the price will be.

Strength is another number all together. This number means that if you buy a 1000mg bottle of CBD it has 1000mg of CBD for that bottle no matter the size bottle, whether it is a 1oz or 2oz. This is very misleading to the consumer. A 1oz bottle 1000mg is double the strength of a 2oz bottle with a 1000mg. The other issue with what you think you are getting. ALWAYS check out the COA (Certificate of Authenticity). Here’s the reason why. As stated before there is a huge difference between a CBD that rates as 10% and a 90%. * Under Cannabinoids total it will list a number like 47.84 that basically means that the potency of that particular CBD is almost 48% and there is also a number for active THC  which should be under .3% to be legal. Everything else over 1000mg will be a filler such as MCT Oil or Hemp Seed Oil

Organic/Certified Clean – To rule out any toxic pesticide, fertilizer, mold or heavy metal contamination. Without this knowledge, people that are already sick can become sicker. These things can cause excessive nausea and vomiting.

Whole Plant – Whole plant is defined as having all of the original flowers derived cannabis ingredients. That remains fully intact in the final product.

There are over 140 Cannabinoids, 200 terpenes (essential oils),bioflavonoids, chlorophyll, essential fatty acids and antioxidants.

No industrial Hemp-derived products – There is a new term called “Medical Hemp” to differentiate high CBD cannabis flower qualifying as hemp, the best choice for medicinal use.

Industrial hemp is sparse in flowers, therefore, it leaves the less desired stalks and stems, which are not desirable for medicinal uses.

*Sunset Hills CBD has one of the highest potency percentages on the market – in the 90% range and the THC levels are at .3% or less, meeting the legal limits.

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